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PeWe (Personalized Web) Group

UISI @ FIIT @ STU Bratislava


PeWe (Personalized Web) is an informal research group at the Institute of Informatics and Software Engineering, Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies. It is concerned to the new trends in design, development and use of adaptive social web-based systems with semantics, which allow personalized presentation of information in various domains. Everybody interested in adaptation and personalization questions in web-based systems, adaptive, semantic and social web is welcome.

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Place and time

In spring term of 2012/13 meetings will take place in the UISI meeting room (3.08) at the Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies every Tuesday at 11:00. Meetup time is 10:45.


16.5. 2013 - Accepted paper to International Journal of Human-Computer Studies

  • Jakub Šimko, Michal Tvarožek and Mária Bieliková: Human Computation: Image Metadata Acquisition based on a Single-player Annotation Game

15.5. 2013 - Accepted papers to Summer and Autumn 2013 Scientific Conferences and Workshops

  • Martin Labaj and Mária Bieliková: Tabbed Browsing Behavior as a Source for User Modeling. UMAP Doctoral Consortium 2013
  • Márius Šajgalík, Michal Barla and Mária Bieliková: From Ambiguous Words to Key-concept Extraction. TIR@DEXA 2013
  • Martin Labaj and Mária Bieliková: Conversational Evaluation of Personalized Solutions for Adaptive Educational Systems. PALE@UMAP 2013
  • Márius Šajgalík, Michal Barla and Mária Bieliková: Efficient Representation of the Lifelong Web Browsing User Characteristics. LUM@UMAP 2013

23.4. 2013 - Student Research Conference - IIT.SRC 2013 Awards Conferred on PeWe Members

  • IIT.SRC Dean’s Award
    Peter Krátky: What Makes the Best Computer Game? How Game Features Affect Game Play
    Karol Rástočný: Usability of Anchoring Algorithms for Source Code
    Jakub Ševcech: Related Documents Search Using User Created Annotations

  • IIT.SRC Slovakia ACM Chapter Award
    Jozef Harinek: Extracting Keywords from Educational Content
    Michal Kompan: User’s Satisfaction Modeling in Personalized Recommendations
    Ivan Srba: A Study on Influence of Students’ Personal Characteristics on Collaborative Learning
    Jakub Šimko: Crowdsourcing in the Class

  • IIT.SRC Best Project Award
    Peter Demčák, Ondrej Galbavý, Miroslav Šimek, Veronika Štrbáková: Improving Speech Therapy by Motivational Home Exercises

  • Literary Foundation Prize Proposal
    Samuel Molnár: Trending Words in Navigation History for Term Cloud-Based Navigation
    Štefan Mitrík: Discovering and Predicting Human Behavior Patterns
    Michal Tomlein: Method for Social Programming and Code Review

24.3. 2013 - Media about our Imagine Cup winner (in Slovak)

20.3. 2013 - Our Imagine Cup Team in Software Design made it to the Worldwide Finals in St. Petersburg

  • Imagine Cup 2013 Team Peter Demčák, ondrej Galbavý, Miroslav Šimek and Veronika Štrbáková (mentor Michal Barla) in World Citizenship category is now in the World Wide Finals. Congratulations!

ICUP photoICUP photoICUP photo

13.2. 2013

  • PeWe seminar is scheduled for every Tuesday 11:00-12:30 (room 3.08). Meetup time is 10:45.
  • Added new greetings from autumn conferences and research events.

4.1. 2013 - Accepted paper to Computing and Informatics

  • Michal Kompan and Mária Bieliková: Group Recommendations: Survey and Perspectives


  • All PeWe members are invited to GTUG Meetup - 17:00, Turing Lecture Room 0.58.


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